Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally got my shipment of goodies in from RoseMaryBeads   
I was having trouble breaking away from the waxed linen, and even made a new bracelet which looks nice with jeans ---------->
 Of course with waxed linen, but hey it's nice to work with!

Also had a bit of home time tonight , stayed home with the little one and crafted all night...he is so funny and always thinks everything I make he should get a duplicate of.
So here's my PEACE necklace, I got a shipment in about a month ago and wasn't really sure what or how i was going to use them...but it really turned out nice IMO.

This supplier that I got the dove from as well as many other charms in my collection is from NewYork, her shop is: DimeStoreEmporium she writes in her shop announcement about this big warehouse she goes to get get marvelous little trinkets and charms. I'm so jealous.

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