Saturday, November 8, 2008


Woo Hoo! I finally got my own treasury for 2 days :) Check it out and comment if you have time
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally got my shipment of goodies in from RoseMaryBeads   
I was having trouble breaking away from the waxed linen, and even made a new bracelet which looks nice with jeans ---------->
 Of course with waxed linen, but hey it's nice to work with!

Also had a bit of home time tonight , stayed home with the little one and crafted all night...he is so funny and always thinks everything I make he should get a duplicate of.
So here's my PEACE necklace, I got a shipment in about a month ago and wasn't really sure what or how i was going to use them...but it really turned out nice IMO.

This supplier that I got the dove from as well as many other charms in my collection is from NewYork, her shop is: DimeStoreEmporium she writes in her shop announcement about this big warehouse she goes to get get marvelous little trinkets and charms. I'm so jealous.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Items in my Etsy shop

For those of you who did not link via Etsy, please make your way back around and go to it's a wonderful magical place where all things handmade are bought and sold.

My shop has been a blast to create! I just hit 101 sales, which is crazy I just started in June. I have met some really great folks.

I've started to acquire chain and findings in brass and developed a new technique using brass crimp beads and waxed linen. I'm excited about this design and I hope it does well in my shop.
Another really cool bracelet is the Sparrows Compass, I was buying my brass from a local bead shop, but it is getting a bit expensive. I have joined the Vintaj website and OOOh it's nice! Great prices, but if I bought there I would need to start a new Etsy shop just to sell the surplus ( you can only buy wholesale from

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zee new blog

Welcome to my blog! I cut my myspace ties a while back, and felt like I needed somewhere to post random information that no one will probably ever read. This is my new sidekick outlet. Etsy being number one always and forever.

This month is always really busy with school and family. Just this coming week we have the final soccer game, Halloween party at Casa de Amigos, Halloween of course. Saturday is Luis' birthday party , he is turning 4!!
...and then we rest!

So my crafty list this week consists of, 20 caramel apples for Casa de Amigos, Ice Cream cake for Luis' birthday, Constructing my first buttercream transfer of Ironman,and 30 goody bags for Luis' ... I see a messy house in my future.

So about that buttercream transfer, I'm sure I will have wicked dreams everynight as well as a twisted back. The dream will be me the night before the party, peeling off the buttercream transfer, and ooooooh it crumbles to pieces and I am frantic trying to recreate.